Wonderful experience! Easy, pain-free root canal! He and the staff were very pleasant and put me right at ease. Everything was explained to me so I knew what to expect. It couldn't have been better! My dentist recommended Dr. Wynkoop and said that he sends patients from as far away as Vienna here - says he's the best endodontist in the business. I agree!

Mariana B.

Dr Wynkoop is FANTASTIC- unbelievable good, went once this feb 2016 for the first time. He explained what he was doing, no pain very soft- smooth root canal ever. Extremely pleasant and his staff as great as the doctor itself- thank You and I will be back. Perfect

Nathalie H.

Dr. Wynkoop is the BOMB!!! I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and was brought right back shortly after getting there (I had a morning apt.). The lady who walked me back was nice, asked me questions and took my X-ray with a newer wand type of device, (a little more comfortable with the old school gagging devices!) and Bam! There's my tooth on the computer monitor. Dr. Wynkoop came in, very friendly, and empathetic (I tried to see him back in Jan. when I had another tooth that needed a root canal. But if you look at my other reviews, you'll see that didn't go too well. I found out that my insurance didn't cover him as in network, so it would have cost me an arm and a leg, so I told him what I had been through and the torment I had experienced and he assured me that he would make it a better experience. He was right.
The pre-exam, I told him how the previous dentist was banging on my teeth with her metal tool, (which I ended up leaving the chair of- b/c she was hitting them pretty hard and I knew it was going to hurt like you know what) and he said that he wouldn't do that to me. He used cotton, and had me bite down softly, and asked me if it was comfortable or not. Let me tell you, that's so much more humane that cold air tests and of course, the "let me bang your teeth with my metal heavy tool".. just sayin!
The Novocaine, he massages your gums while he's putting the needle in, so it doesn't hurt that bad. You can feel the liquid going into the skin, but the injection pain is non-existent.
The process, he is very thorough; saw that one of my roots was bent at the bottom and got it out, and a 4th almost hidden root. He worked through a tiny incision that he made in the temporary. He held conversation through the whole routine, mostly with his assistant, (can't do too much talking with him in your mouth) which was a nice way to keep your mind off the grinding and gnawing of the drill inside your tooth and he really walked you through each step, preparing you for what was next.
Post-op, my mouth wasn't sore, and didn't feel like it was taken advantage of with dental torment (as my last root canal was). I didn't feel anything, went right to work after, (my job requires me to be on the phone half the day talking to people, which was No problem!) and I couldn't be happier overall with the entire experience. It's been 4 days, and I'm still not eating on that side. He said it was like a bruise that needed to heal, so I'm just sticking to chewing on the other side for a while longer. I pray that I never need to see Dr. Wynkoop again, but if I did, I wouldn't be worried about the experience at all, because the whole experience was just great!

Jaeda M.